iPad Accessibility Facilitation Materials

The iPad Accessibility Features Module is a 2 to 2.5 hour module designed to deepen the participants understanding of iPad features that support students with special needs. This facilitator guide is designed to help you instruct educators, parents, and/or students on the use of iPad accessibility and keyboarding features as well as the iPad basic features that can be used to support the learning needs of students as they access the curriculum. A variety of handouts are included within the iPad Facilitation Manual.

There is a paper/pencil iPad Skill Survey included with this manual. However, you may contact MITS to request a free online version of the survey. More details about how to request an online survey can be found in the Pre/Post iPad Skill Survey section of the iPad Facilitation Manual.

Please feel free to use this module in collaboration with other iPad trainings. 

Download All as .zip

Michigan's Integrated Technology Supports (MITS) has iPad Training Kits available for Michigan public school districts and ISDs/RESAs for short-term loan to conduct iPad Trainings. If you are interested in borrowing iPads to conduct a training please fill out the online request form. Additionally, you can download a spreadsheet that lists the apps that are available for use on the MITS training iPads.