Collaborative Groups (Monday)


AT Consideration

iPad Accessibility

Presentations (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Tobii ATI
Dan Lipka

UDL Critical Elements - Creating a Foundation
Barb Meier, Jeff Diedrich

The World At Our Fingertips
Carol Glanville

Technology Carousel
Barb Meier, Brandon Sanders, Pete Klein

School Improvement For All
Carrie Wozniak

High Tech Therapy for a Low Tech Price
Erica Dwyer

Mobile Apps for UDL
Jeff McCormick

School Preparation Skills
Karen Tibbs

AT Consideration
Laura Taylor

Low Tech Tools
Laura Taylor

iPad Accessibliity
Peter Schaafsma

Apps You Can Take Home with You
Peter Schaafsma

Apps in Education
Barb Meier, Peter Schaafsma

Designing Hybrid PD
Sue Hardin

The Remote Control Math Teacher
Sarah Messing

Mission Possible: Providing for all students in General Education
Teresa Karney