Assistive Technology

AT Skills Inventory
This resource is intended to promote better understanding amongst administrators regarding the scope of knowledge each profession contributes to the consideration of student assistive technology need.

AT Contact List
A list of the assistive technology contacts in the state of Michigan. View lists by region or alphabetically by contact.

AT IDEAS That Work!
Review and share AT IDEAS that are being implemented throughout the state.

Shared Tutorials & Resources
Many links are provided to instruction on the use of specific AT hardware and software items. Other items provided are in the form of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics from grant writing to including AT in IEPs.

AT Toolkits
MITS has compiled Assistive Technology Tool Kits available for short-term loan to districts who would like to use them for hands-on experience and/or to support training presentations using the MITS Modules. This collection of tools is intended to foster exploratory use by district personnel, increasing knowledge and greater frequency of consideration of assistive technology for students with disabilities. The tool kits may also promote heightened interest in new AT solutions to meet the needs of students.

MITS Training Modules
The MITS Assistive Technology Training Modules are designed for presentation as training sessions. The format is a PowerPoint slideshow that includes trainer notes and handouts. MITS Training Modules have been developed to increase awareness and knowledge regarding assistive technology, ultimately leading to improved services to students.